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DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
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    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
    • DC-Link Capacitor For New Energy Vehicle
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Look at PDFCapacitors For New Energy Vehicle

Capacitors For New Energy Vehicle

  • CJE has technical experience in designing and manufacturing film capacitor for decades, adopts independent intellectual property rights of national patent technology, researches and develops EV and HEV electric drive controller capacitor used for New energy vehicles to promote ideas of energy saving and environmental protection .

  • The capacitors’ rated voltage range is 200 ~ 1200VDC, capacitance range is from 200 to 2000uF, can provide the film capacitance solution for EV/HEV electric drive controller with different levels of power between 10 kw to 160 kw.

  • These capacitors are made of metalized polypropylene film design , with excellent self-healing properties , can effectively avoid the over-voltage lead to product breakdown ; capacitor operating temperature range up to -40 ~ 105℃.

  • After adopt the original designing and manufacturing technology, the capacitors’ equivalent series resistance is very low (as low as 0.1 mΩ less), the RMS current load capacity can be up to 250 A or more.

  • These capacitors have very small equivalent series inductance ( as low as 5nH less ) , and generally are made of laminated busbar technology built. Especially suitable for direct contact with the IGBT mounting , can be omitted conventional buffer capacitors, DC bus, which greatly simplifies the installation structure and installation procedures, but how compact controller greatly improved.

  • According to the needs of customers, we can integrate the "Y" type capacitor to suppress common-mode interference within capacitor.


  • Note: Because the battery voltage, the drive power and so different, electric drive controller space dimensions, the internal layout is also vastly different, these capacitors are generally highly customized products. Be sure to provide as much capacitance associated with the electrical characteristics, mechanical with other information, and with our R & D team to maintain close communication .

  • Your demand is our development power!



●  Description of Products

  • 1.Reference standard: GB/T 17702.1 idt IEC 61071-1,GB/T2693 idt IEC 60384-1.

  • 2.Special metalized polypropylene/polyester film wound, non-inductive construction.

  • 3.The element of capacitor is sealed with high performance flame-retardant epoxy resin in UL94-V0 flame-retardant plastic box and aluminum case or rustless steel shell..

  • 4.Product’s terminals can connect directly with IGBT of electric control system to maximum decrease circuit inductance, custom-made product available on request.

  • 5.Very low ESR, withstanding very high effective value of current Irms and peak to peak value of current Ipp.

  • 6.Withstanding higher non-periodic peak to peak voltage Us.

  • 7To replace electrolytic capacitor in smoothly filtering circuit so as to offer reliable assurance for long life operating of electric control system.

●  Technology Features

  • To adopt standardizing internal custom-made, structure member assuring internal connection reliable, lower ESR, terminals can endure more torque force.

  • Using special mould in process of manufacturing product, assuring accuracy of dimensions of product’s terminals and successful in first mounting them when many products are used to connect together in parallel.

●  Typical applications

  • “DC-link” smoothing filtering circuit of motor drive system of new energy resources vehicle.

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